The progression of the property market and changes in the existing balances on the inside has structurally modified the working scenario for companies In order to confront problems on the market, above all in the light of the powerful changes that have taken place over recent years, the desire emerged to create a new company having a full and specific professional capacity: RESTMAN.

Following the lines of large Italian and foreign real estate companies we have adopted working methods that do not rely on improvisation and routine: we combine traditional approaches with innovative processes in our services, using the tools and knowledge typical to Project Management and Project Financing, awarding a central place to the economic-financial feasibilities of each single project and, more in general, real estate investments, always aiming to increase qualitative standards in the real estate market.

A fundamental point in our policy is "Maximising the returns of an operation in terms of risk", encouraging the integration of risk management systems into planning, budgeting and reporting systems.
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