A real estate operation has a beginning, a development and an end that is obtained through the attainment of an objective over a determined temporal span.

Our group, through a coordinated commitment of capacity and resources, and thanks to external collaboration with qualified companies, is able to follow the construction process throughout each phase, offering a full 360° service which is not limited to the creative phase but reaches out its entire operation to the realisation phases and the management of what has been created, using its know-how, its managerial, commercial and innovative abilities in the design, financing and construction and management of a real estate project, optimising the qualitative, economic and timing aspects.

A central part of our working methods is work management, which represents the necessary results from precise design and construction, in that only through efficient management will we be able to obtain the results anticipated.

Restman pledges to respond to the different needs of its clients through specific interventions, but above all in an integrated and synergic manner.

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Competence Area

1) Economic - Financial

2) Urban - Territorial

3) Administrative - Fiscal

4) Legal - Contractual

5) Technical - Design

6) Construction - Restructuring

7) Commercial - Promotional

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